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Dr Simon Martin

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Bone grafting

Good bone foundation for dental implants is vital to success, aesthetics  and function. Many patients have been told they are unsuitable for dental implants because of lack of bone. This is often NOT the case.

“State of the art” dental treatment often involves minor surgery to create a new bone foundation (BONE GRAFTING). At Bristol Oral surgery Clinic all of these contemporary techniques are available.


This involves grafting to the floor of the maxillary sinus to support implants at the back of the mouth in the upper jaw.



This involves moving  a block of bone from an area of  the jaw where it is no longer needed to an area deficient in bone in order to support a dental implant.


This involves the grafting of a core of bone and simultaneous implant placement. This technique can considerably reduce surgical, time, treatment and expense.  Dr. Simon Martin is a leading proponent of this innovative technique called a GEISTLICH procedure.


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