Specialist Oral Surgeon
Dr Simon Martin

Tel: 0117 9238 400Fax: 0117 9467 007 Email: simon@bristoloralsurgery.com

Fee guide for 2016

All fees include the initial consultation, examination, plain radiographs and surgery with local anaesthetic.

Free implant consultation

All fees are approximate and dependent on each individual case.
Intravenous Conscious Sedation (if required) is included in the treatment.

Cone beam CT scan

Single unit
Full Arch

oral surgery

The surgical removal of one tooth/root (Not 3rd Molar)
The surgical removal of:
- One third Molar tooth
- Two third Molar teeth
- Three third Molar teeth
- Four third Molar teeth
Multiple Extractions
Case Dependent

Endodontic surgery (Apicectomy)

Molar Hemisection
Lower molars
Lower premolar
Bone Graft if required
Case Dependent
Microscopic Endodontic Surgery
Endodontic Specialist

dental implants

Single tooth implant and crown
£2,300.00 - £2,700.00
Single implant cantilever bridge restoration
£2,800.00 - £3,000.00
Two implant based, three unit restoration
£5,800.00 -£6,200.00
Three implant based, four unit restoration
£6,800.00 - £7,200.00
Implant Denture Retainers (each)
Four implant anchored full upper/lower denture
£8,800.00 - £12,200.00
Two implant anchored full lower denture
£5,400.00 - £6,200.00

grafting and augmentation


Guided bone regeneration, Sinus floor augmentation and Block bone grafting available and fees determined by each case.


EMERGENCIES: We will see your patients as promptly as possible. Please call to speak to the Oral surgeon directly.

Fees and Methods of Payment

We ask that all payments are made at each treatment appointment. Patients having sedation as part of their treatment will be asked to pay before the onset of treatment. If another party is paying for the treatment we must have confirmation of that prior to treatment.

FAILED APPOINTMENTS will be charged at the full hourly rate.

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